BOP Parts

Fix Bore Pipe Ram


Pipe Shear Ram


Shear ram can cut out the tubular column in the well to seal the well head entirely, and also can be used as blind ram when no tubular column in the well. The installation of Shear ram in the BOP is same as common ram.

Use as blind ram under common condition while use as cutting ram under emergent condition;
Cutting ram can be cut out drill stem many times with no damage to blade. The worn blade can be reused after repairing. The cutting life of cutting ram produced by our company is more than 5 times, so it’s allowed to change seal rubber core.

The blade and ram body of common cutting ram are integrated; The blade of high sulfur-resistant cutting ram adopts separated type. The blade can be changed after damaged, and ram body can be used repeatedly.

Variable Bore Rams


Variable diameter ram can be used to seal tubular columns in different diameters. It consists of variable diameter ram body, top rubber core and rubber core before variable. The installation of variable diameter ram is same as common ram with no need to change any part of the BOP.